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June 24
June 24
June 25
October 9
October 9
June 24

What a day at the Mid America Trial! The day began with Deer Mountain Ace winning Best Working Terrier.  It only got better and by the end of the day Legendary Zoey offspring had won Best Working Terrier, Reserve Puppy Champion and Best 4 to 6 month puppy.  Each terrier was from a different stud.  What a producer this girl has turned out to be.

We are very proud to announce that Little Eden Remedy made his debut in the show ring with us at the Mid American Terrier Trial where he won Reserve Best Open Dog.  We are very honored to have this proven producer of exceptional quality here at Legendary Terriers.  We have been looking for that special outcross and we beleive Remedy is just what the doctor ordered.

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October 9
October 8
November 1

Deer Mountain Ace had an unbelievable day at JRTCA nationals and helped us reach what seemed like and unrealistic goal when it was set years ago.  First he won an extremely tough over rough/broken male class filled with great dogs.  He then went on to win Best Open Male which was a huge accomplishment and I was so honored that he won it.  Ace still wasn't done yet and went on to win BEST OPEN TERRIER!!! It was a tremendous day and I could not be prouder.  Ace is truly a special terrier.  He has been shown 5 times now and has been best open terrier 4 times.  

Deer Mountain Deuce found success at JRTCA Nationals winning his under rough/broken working male class.  Proud of this little terrier!

We were thrilled to get the SCA test results for Daydream Bravo.  He is normal!!! This means all of our Bravo sons are SCA and PLL normal by descent.  (Both parents are homozygous normal and therefore all puppies from the mating are homozygous normals as well)

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