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Legendary Stud Dogs

A wise breeder once told me don't breed from the only good one in the litter.  Instead breed from good individuals from a litter full of good ones.  When this litter came along we felt like no matter which card we picked it is was a winner. Looks, personality, instinct it was all here and from parents that are PLL and SCA normal.  The consistent quality found in these outstanding brothers speaks volumes about thier genetic potential and we are proud to have them here at Legendary Terriers.
Deer Mountain Ace NHC
2016 JRTCA Nationals Best Open Terrier

2017 JRTCA Nationals Reserve Working Terrier Champion

PLL and SCA Normal by descent DM DNA Normal

Ace is the terrier we have worked for twenty years to poduce.  Everyone that sees him comments on his balance and movement.  From his fexible chest to his cat like feet what Ace brings to the table is hard to find in one package.  He loves people and he loves attetion.  He is proving to be a good worker with a lot of intelligence, determination and a great nose .  His accomplishments in the ring are beyond what I every dreamed.  we couldn't be happier with this guy.


Born: 5/23/2014

Height: 13 Inches

Coat: Broken

(DayDream Bravo X Legendary Zoey)

Show Record

Ruckus In the Rockies I       2nd Place Over Dogs

Ruckus In the Rockies II      Best Open Terrier


Ruckus In the Rockies I       Best Open Terrier

Ruckus in the Rockies II      Best Open Terrier

JRTCA Nationals                 Best Open Terrier


Mid America II              Working Terrier Champion

JRTCA Nationals      Working Terrier Res. Champ


Spring Fox Frolic       Working Terrier Res. Champ

Battle Born Bonanza  Working Terrier Res. Champ

JRTCA Nationals  Blake showed Ace to win Champion

                               Youth Handler

Deer Mountain Deuce, NHC
(DayDream Bravo X Legendary Zoey)
2016 JRTCA Naionals 1st Place Under Rough Broken Working Dogs

PLL and SCA Normal by descent

Deuce is an exceptional under male who comes with all of the balance and angles typically only found in larger males.  He is a great mover and he has a lot of prescence in the ring.  In the field he is a blast.  This dog has a nose and plenty of drive.  He lives to work and his handy size allows him to get about anywhere.  


Born: 5/23/2014

Height: 12.25 Inches

Coat: Broken

Show Record

Ruckus In the Rockies I       2nd Place Under Dogs

Ruckus In the Rockies II      Reserve Open Dog to

                                             his brother Ace


Ruckus In the Rockies I       Working Terrier                                                             Champion

Ruckus in the Rockies II      Working Terrier                                                              Champion

JRTCA Nationals                 1st Place Under

                                              Rough/Broken Dogs

Mid America I               Reserve Best Working Dog
Battle Born Bonanza I  Working Terrier Champion &
                                      Champion Terrier of the Day
JRTCA Nationals       2nd Under R/B Working Males
Mid America               Working Terrier Champ
Battle Born Bonanza  Working Terrier Champ
JRTCA Natiionals       1st Under R/B Working Males

Avalanche Acres Wild Card

Deer Mountain Ace x Avalanche Acres Luna

SCA, PLL and DM normal by descent, BAER Normal

Show Record 2023

Wild card.heic

Wild Card is his father's son.  He has his sire's amazing temperament, beautiful movement and flexible chest.  His show career has started very well and we are excited to see what this young terrier can do in the field.


Tahoma Terrier Trial III    Reserve Open Terrier

Tahoma Terrier Trial IV    Reserve Open Terrier

SWJRTN Fall Festival I     Reserve Open Dog

Wild card fry.heic

Remedy is retired from breeding but we feel very fortunate to have him and his offspring here at Legendary

Little Eden Remedy, NHC

Rapscallion Rowdy X Little Eden Sangria (Little Eden Strut X Dig It Sasparilla)

Best Open Terrier JRTCC Nationals 2015

Puppy Champion JRTCC Nationals 2014

PLL, SCA and LOA Normal by descent, DM DNA Normal

12.25" Rough

Here at Legendary we are honored and extremely excited to have Remedy as a stud and working terrier.  The first time I saw Remedy I was impressed with his amazing bone and substance in such a small terrier but what made him unique was how square, correct and flexible he was.  I soon learned he came from a pedigree full of outstanding terriers and that he was also very capable as a sire himself.  When the chance to own Remedy came along I couldn't say yes fast enough.  As soon as I picked Remedy up he settled right in and he has continued to impress me with his quiet yet confident demeanor, his fun personality, intelligence and quickness along with his outstanding temperament and quality. I could not be more pleased with this boy.  Remedy really is just what the doctor ordered. 

Show Results

Mid America I                          Res. Open Male

Battle Born Bonanza II       Working Terrier Champ

JRTCA Nationals          1st Under R/B Working Males


Mid America          Best Family and 1st Place R/B u                               under working males

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